Matthew Hyatt Poems

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The Blame

He blew out his brains today
Just to say
He thought it was a shame
He wasn't to blame

I Disappear

It's time I disappear
And cause a tear
From those who find me dear
My resting place was never clear


In my place I'm meant to scream, fear, shed a tear
In my place I sit and wonder
What happens in my head I ponder
Endless whispers in my ear


I stand and wait for you
Through the cold wind and rain
for you to come back
and say your goodbyes

A Bullet Sounds The Same In Every Language

To those who never leave me alone
To them my hatred will hone
Not to something as beautiful as rain
But something filled with pain

X's For Eyes.

Today we celebrate your life
With this special verse
As we watch the parade of the hearse
A glorious anthem of ended life

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying
I hope you are crying
For being the sole reason
That I killed myself today

The Toll Of An Iron Fist.

I recall with a heavy sigh
Of days gone by
When I could saturate myself in you
Now I pay for my sins of the past

Circus Act

I am it, I am he
The man who will be
One who does not wear a frown
I wear funny bows and ties

Just Breath

I take a breath
And see my wife by my side
Her face stricken with tears
By her newfound list of fears