Matthew McKenzie

Rookie (03/13/1988)

Biography of Matthew McKenzie

I am a man of complexity that enjoys the aesthetics of simplicity. I do not live the world under constant fear of invisible forces. The laws of physics and the theory of evolution suits me just fine. I am not a leader, but I do consider myself a man of the people. Many live their lives through a cloud of competitiveness. I see the hurdles of society as a challenge for everyone and find comfort in the fact we're all in this together. I treat love as a consequence of living, an effect of a cause for which I haven't fought. I see riches as our downfall. When turning a profit became more important than sharing, improving, and benefiting from the world as a whole, we began to wither as a species. Like John Lennon, I, too, have imagined all the people living for today. And that's what I do. Minute by minute.

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