Maureen Asino

Biography of Maureen Asino

Gosh, golly, gee, I can talk about myself here! Well, I'm a Filipina college-student and loving it. I like walking around when it's windy and warm, with white clouds because the sky is what I picture heaven to be like. My hobbies include gawking at big, shiny, 'street-fighter' style motorcycles, as I've seen them called, as well as listening to loud rock music. In this regard Youtube is my favorite cyber haunt because of Hyde, Strapping Young Lad, Buckethead and other people that don't get much airplay here (Nine Inch Nails fricken rawks but there's not much variety in rotation) .

Through my writing I hope to gain a better consciousness of myself. Before I kept telling myself 'I'm such a kid, I do many things wrong, I have goals but I always seem to come up short...' Now I'm in a more peaceful place and I'm trying to embrace the possibility that I'm becoming a better person and that I CAN become a better person... Updates

Lucid Mornings #?

Rumble, oh my soul, and ease your tension.
Smooth the surface of your troubled waters.

Bleed, dear heart, into your little valleys.
Fill your corrugated face.

I am weary.
The path of my loved one is one of rocks and thorns.
I follow behind.
He faces the wind.
He breaks it for me.

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