maureen tomlinson

Biography of maureen tomlinson

small town girl with the love of expression through words. For when there are things I can not say I write and the things I write are straight from the heart it is a part of who I am. Even more then writing my greatest joy and accomplishment is being a mother to two of the most wonderful kids alive they are my every breathe and my every reason in life.

maureen tomlinson's Works:

I write for the passion not the money or success accept the success of expression Updates

For The First Time

For the first time I see
how much love in my life can mean to me
And for the first time in my life I know it is you
that will stand by my side and help me through
For the very first time I found the meaning of true love
I know you were sent from heaven above
For the first time I can see past today and clear past tomorrow
and know you were sent here to take away the pain, the fears, the sorrow
For the first time ever in my life I know I am free

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