Maurice Harris

Rookie - 150 Points (29 April 1971 / Louisville, KY)

Maurice Harris Poems

81. Güzel 10/26/2009
82. An Angel I Did Know 10/26/2009
83. Find Now Your Heart, Allow Its Healing 10/26/2009
84. 'Angel Of God' (Happy First Birthday Gabriella) 10/26/2009
85. Truth-More Profound Than Is Love 10/26/2009
86. Assured Shall Thee Be 10/26/2009
87. Whence It Happens Upon You 10/26/2009
88. An Instant In Time... 10/26/2009
89. Transcendent Revelations 10/26/2009
90. Powerless Am I To Resist 10/26/2009
91. I Give All To Thee... 10/26/2009
92. Expressive Explication...An Endeavor! 10/26/2009
93. A Proffer Of Love..Sans Pareil! 10/26/2009
94. Elucidation Doth Escape Me... 10/26/2009
95. Bereft Of Explication Proper... 10/26/2009
96. Why Are You Not As I Found You? 10/26/2009
97. But For Remembrance Of Thee... 10/26/2009
98. Truth, More Than Deceit, Shall Fill Thy Self 10/26/2009
99. Do Not Be Afraid, My Dear 10/26/2009
100. It Surely Exists In Her Gaze 10/26/2009
101. Sunshine 10/26/2009
102. My Beloved 10/26/2009
103. Loved You I Have Through All Days! 10/26/2009
104. My Love Surely Has Foresaken Me 10/26/2009
105. Wherest So Ever 10/26/2009
106. Alone, Without Her Touch! 10/26/2009
107. The Grief Of My Heart 10/26/2009
108. For My Love For Thee To Cease To Be... 10/26/2009
109. Real It Did Seem 10/26/2009
110. Without Thee, No Cause For Me 10/26/2009
111. History...A Sonnet Paramour! 10/26/2009
112. Distance Between... 10/26/2009
113. Saddened Am I To Contemplate 10/26/2009
114. Ruminations Of Thee 10/26/2009
115. Love Transcends Time 10/26/2009
116. Destined...To Walk Beside You 10/26/2009
117. Safe Harbor From The Storm 10/26/2009
118. My Patience, Tested; My Heart, Broken 10/27/2009
119. Lonesome, Frightened Little Dove 10/27/2009
120. A Father's Prayer 10/27/2009

Comments about Maurice Harris

  • Koena Mokoena Koena Mokoena (12/14/2011 4:34:00 AM)

    Good day! i think we all know that the truth will set, you free. Hence, i believe, you reap what you sow.

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  • Karri Clement (2/18/2010 7:55:00 PM)

    I have something that i would like to share with you. 'We choose to do the right thing in situations and then trust God's spirit to give us his power, love, faith and wisdom to do it.' He wants to make us like himself before he takes us to Heaven. This is out greatest privilege, our immediate responsibility, and our Ultimate destiny. This is just a few words i wanted to share with you. I hope that things are going fine and that You have a wonderful evening.

Best Poem of Maurice Harris

All The Demons And Ghosts

You have stolen my 'todays', yet you shan't steal my tomorrow-
Thought upon your deceitful ruse surely hastens sorrow!
Nary shall there be, for you, a proper penance,
Somehow though, you must come to truth's acceptance!

The only way to take leave of your deceit-
Is to allow for my truth to defeat,
All the Demons and Ghosts
Responsible for your shame, the most!

For if but only, our children's posterity
You owe, at the least, your honesty!
Without such, your downfall you have surely brought,
As is, to tell the truth, is what you ought!


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Red, White And Blue

Red, White and Blue-these hues shall ne'er fleet,
Nor shall they who fiercely defend it, e'er retreat;
They champion Freedom, at any and all cost,
But for this precept, all hope would be lost!

Our Supreme Law, they swear to support and defend,
Against all, whether here or afar-upon this, we all depend;
Serve do they, with Honor, exhibiting Loyalty and Respect-
A lesson for all, ideas are these, which all should expect!

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