Maurice Harris

Rookie - 122 Points (29 April 1971 / Louisville, KY)

Maurice Harris Poems

321. Whenever 11/1/2011
322. Quintessential Compeer 11/1/2011
323. Scars May Fade 11/1/2011
324. My Moribund Heart 11/1/2011
325. The Unknown Reality Of Beautiful Imperfection 11/1/2011
326. Lest We Forget [11 September 2001, A Requiem] 11/1/2011
327. A Letter To Abigail 11/1/2011
328. The Time Is Nigh, My Beloved 11/3/2011
329. The Gift Of My Fatherhood 11/3/2011
330. Where Dreams Make You 11/4/2011
331. The Profundity Of Paternal Pain 11/4/2011
332. This Purgatory 11/4/2011
333. My Reprise 11/5/2011
334. Once Too Many 11/5/2011
335. A Promise Kept 11/5/2011
336. Aspiration Of A Future, To Efface The Past 10/30/2011
337. I Am The Mate For Your Soul (Do Not Fear Me) 10/30/2011
338. Suddenly 11/5/2011
339. Your Loss Is Not Forgotten 11/5/2011
340. The Lonely Road 11/5/2011
341. True Strength 11/5/2011
342. She Is Extant 11/5/2011
343. Love, Redux 11/5/2011
344. 'She Looks Just Like You! ' 11/5/2011
345. A Life Left Unexplored 11/5/2011
346. Each Day, Since We Parted 11/5/2011
347. Until You Are Near 11/5/2011
348. All These Wrongs, Again Right 11/6/2011
349. Just A Little Sign 11/6/2011
350. Heartbroken And Alone 11/6/2011
351. Is A Wish In My Heart Enough...? 11/6/2011
352. My Wonders 11/6/2011
353. Never Again (The Last Day) 11/6/2011
354. The Master Of My Own Fate 11/8/2011
355. The Hatred, The Menace, And The Curse 11/10/2011
356. The Soul I Once Chose To Keep Away 11/10/2011
357. My Justice 11/11/2011
358. Once Exalted 11/11/2011
359. Travel Partner Needed 11/11/2011
360. Truth Itself, Longs For Thine Eyes 11/11/2011

Comments about Maurice Harris

  • Koena Mokoena Koena Mokoena (12/14/2011 4:34:00 AM)

    Good day! i think we all know that the truth will set, you free. Hence, i believe, you reap what you sow.

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  • Karri Clement (2/18/2010 7:55:00 PM)

    I have something that i would like to share with you. 'We choose to do the right thing in situations and then trust God's spirit to give us his power, love, faith and wisdom to do it.' He wants to make us like himself before he takes us to Heaven. This is out greatest privilege, our immediate responsibility, and our Ultimate destiny. This is just a few words i wanted to share with you. I hope that things are going fine and that You have a wonderful evening.

Best Poem of Maurice Harris

All The Demons And Ghosts

You have stolen my 'todays', yet you shan't steal my tomorrow-
Thought upon your deceitful ruse surely hastens sorrow!
Nary shall there be, for you, a proper penance,
Somehow though, you must come to truth's acceptance!

The only way to take leave of your deceit-
Is to allow for my truth to defeat,
All the Demons and Ghosts
Responsible for your shame, the most!

For if but only, our children's posterity
You owe, at the least, your honesty!
Without such, your downfall you have surely brought,
As is, to tell the truth, is what you ought!


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The Heart, Given

If you have not given your heart,
There is no one who may break it;
If you do not allow its depart,
You ensure no one may take it!

Yet, if this is your true posit, firm
You will ne'er see your heart's glory;
Only will your stance then wholly affirm
The path that is inherent in your story!

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