Maurice Rowlands

Maurice Rowlands Poems

41. Huntress Of Skara Brae 1/22/2016
42. Is There Buried Treasure On Aldebaran 1/30/2016
43. Wraith 2/20/2016
44. Sketch In The Sand 3/6/2016
45. Boudicca 12/15/2016
46. Broken Timepiece 3/5/2017
47. Constellation 5/5/2014
48. Falling 5/18/2014
49. Shapeshifter 11/7/2014
50. A Gothic Kiss 1/20/2015
51. Stumble And Fall 10/24/2014
52. What's Hidden Within 5/7/2014
53. Dogma 5/9/2014
54. Scorpion's Kiss 3/23/2014
55. The Wiccan 2/28/2014
56. Run To The Light 2/13/2014
57. Prospero's Fire 2/28/2014
58. Black Hearted Rose 2/18/2014
59. The Harpist's Candle 2/18/2014
60. Beneath Frozen Waters 2/18/2014
61. The Quickening 2/13/2014
62. Flowers By The Roadside 12/20/2014
63. Haunting Of Angels 3/6/2015
64. North Korea's God 3/20/2014
65. Ghosts Of Whitechapel 3/4/2015
66. Obsidian 2/5/2015
67. Cries Of The Storm Child 5/5/2014
68. Forest Of Me And You 3/13/2015
69. Wolf 3/22/2014
70. Y Ddraig Goch 3/6/2014

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Best Poem of Maurice Rowlands

Y Ddraig Goch

Upon the haunted misty hills
Of Dinas Emrys
Back twelve hundred years
The castle shall tumble down
Again and again
Lashed by the rain
King Vortigern’s fears
As the lightning strikes down

Two dragons shall fight
One red and one white
Deep under the earth
Below the lands of Beddgelert
The red shall come forth
With spectacular might
With fire from his heart
Will strike down the white

Owain Glyndŵr
Rise from your slumber
Hold up your sword
And keep to your word
The Saxons are finished
Their power diminished
But the dragon...

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Beautiful Dryad

Look up into the trees
Feel the sun in your eyes
The shadow of a starling
Caressing your cheeks
Feel the soft summer breeze
There’s a beautiful dryad
Who sits in the trees

She plays with her hair

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