Max Kuvaev

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Was born on thursday.

Max Kuvaev Poems

Break The Bells

don't talk
don't talk
the fury calls
quit it now and let it fall

Always The Same

i transmit whatever is left in me
everything is for you
my love and mystery
open your window to receive

Count To Three

i was standing on a cliff
looking down frightened ill
i was standing on a cliff
and my heart was frozen still

At My Job

'you know, i'm so tired of french' she said
'i'd like to learn english instead'
i sighed 'oh but it can't be done'
but thought that it might well be fun

A Thousand People

it all went by like autumn hues
in a glimpse of white skin and red blood
what was the reason i lost you?
at last i’ve gone completely mad

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