Max Reif Poems

Hit Title Date Added
.17) Hymn To My Days As A Delivery Guy


The company’s magnetic logo plunked
onto both sides of my Mazda,

.36) For Small Sins...

I ask forgiveness
for my complicity
in the world's impending
styrofoam catastrophe,

Recent History

I was writing a poem a day,
sometimes two. It constituted
evidence that I was alive.

.08) Queens Vision,1983

Somewhere in the bowels of Queens with my crazy 2nd wife,
going to meet her grandpa. The insane traffic
last night, some kind of Puerto Rican parade,
and her brother who’d just found God in the car with us,

.10) Blue Jeans And Men's Eyes

Staring at that gold
seam up her ass,
stitched on that fathomless
blue that takes my eyes

.29) The Wall

Even Berlin was not divided
like the city of Myself.
I long to visit you, my Soul,
on the other side of the Wall.

Yes, Death Is A Fact Of Life

Yes, death is a fact of life,
but as I put up the memorial
web page for departed
high school classmates

Poemhunter Virginia Reel

Well, shashay down the Home Page line,
Swing your partner every time,

The Poem Hunter

I sat all day in the blinds in the marsh,
trying to trap a poem.
I set my traps in the deep woods.
I dug a hole in the ice,

Two California Parks In Early Spring

I. Concord Skateboard Park

Sheltered in this smooth, round,
concrete nest of dips and curves,