Max Reif Poems

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Manifesto To God

I want Heaven On Earth
to be my brand name,
I want to be a full distributor.

The Alchemist

Each morning long before dawn,
I rise and creep downstairs,
an alchemist entering his study.

.23) The Doormen

Maroon-red blazers,
they make the doormen wear
in the lobby of this building
where I live,19 floors up.

December Epiphany

On my way to the laundry room just now,
the sky already darkening at 4 pm,
the pale moon had sailed up
alongside the oak with the huge canopy

.13) Berlin, November,1989

In Berlin, where the Wall
was like an outcropping of the world's
skeleton that ran right along its surface,


Love made me naked
and burned away dross,

Mother At The Beach, 1939

When Mother was a young girl,
what would she have felt

.02) The Stars

The stars that were over my head this morning
Were there from the First Day,
Those stars I hid crooknecked from in cities,
While travelling my wayward way.

.28) Father's Blessing


Every piece of clothing
felt soaked with dread as I packed.

The Zoo Director Is Not An Animal

The animals in the zoo must be taken care of,
but the Zoo Director who does it is not an animal.
He's studied the ideal diet of every species,
but he doesn't dine on hay or raw, red meat.