Max Reif

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Max Reif Poems

41. A Morning In North Beach, San Francisco 8/27/2007
42. There Goes The Vacation 8/29/2007
43. The Uses Of Beauty 8/30/2007
44. Around Lafayette Reservoir (New Edits) 8/30/2007
45. You Can'T Possess A Woman 9/1/2007
46. In Front Of The Locked Library Doors 9/21/2007
47. He Is A Hymn Of Freedom 11/25/2007
48. In The Shadows 9/21/2007
49. Invoking The Gods Of My Youth (Written In 1984) 6/4/2006
50. Mumbai Memories,1983 7/2/2006
51. Beware The Ring Of Power 3/22/2007
52. Jimmy (Re-Edited Version) 3/25/2007
53. Egypt, February 11,2011 2/11/2011
54. A Tale Of Two Bubbles 7/27/2007
55. Facing Reality 9/4/2007
56. California Open Space 9/10/2007
57. Wish? 12/4/2006
58. Canada,1971 5/12/2013
59. On Memorizing A Poem 11/6/2013
60. Spirit Freed From Wood 6/18/2006
61. The Terrorist 7/12/2006
62. Voices 9/1/2007
63. Responding To Wendell Berry 8/29/2007
64. The Quest 4/14/2007
65. The Tie 4/15/2007
66. Poem From The 2nd Floor Balcony 4/26/2007
67. Once 3/3/2007
68. The Moment 3/3/2007
69. The Stairwell Crooner 12/8/2006
70. This Point In Time 12/5/2006
71. Piedmont Avenue 10/22/2006
72. The Day After Thanksgiving 11/26/2005
73. The City Of God 10/23/2004
74. Tangential Logic 2/4/2006
75. Poemhunter, Dropp In On Your Software, Fix The Bug! 7/28/2005
76. The Inner Voice (1) 9/24/2005
77. On Being Fifteen In 1962 7/7/2005
78. Ode To My Pen 10/23/2004
79. Voices That Call Attention To Themselves 9/21/2007
80. Persimmons 12/4/2005

Comments about Max Reif

  • Gol Mcadam (7/12/2005 4:48:00 AM)

    Max, thank you for commenting on my work. I have now been reading yours and find there is a lovely simplicity of statement in it - an enchanting mix of worldly and unworldly. I came to poetry late in life, that's why I think I'll be finishing early, rather than later! ! Regards, Gol

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  • Michael Shepherd (6/20/2005 5:30:00 AM)

    Max, I enjoy and admire your honesty, simplicity, clarity, and that touch of magic. I hope you keep on writing, and there's a book there eventually...

  • Michael Gessner (6/19/2005 10:13:00 PM)

    If idiom is tone-if it can be-as I suspect it is in many of the poems of yours I've read-then it offers an exotic and impressive mixture of sense and sensibility, wisdom in worldliness, & worldy things, amusing & always vulnerable, enchanting, haunting & dear.

Best Poem of Max Reif

.34) Tone Poem: The Finale, 'Leonard Cohen — I'M Your Man'

He stands at the mic,
craggy faded eagle
in a grey suit, singing the verse
in a voice of smoke

surrounded by stark figures
black like spectres
from his own youth.

As he finishes,
the band picks up the chorus
and he stands there

smiling with his eyes
closed, just listening
and you feel his whole

life in that smile
and your life, too,

as though the silent
voice of the most beautiful
losers has given
birth to the whole world.

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The Python

When a new woman enters my life,
the time comes to introduce her
to the python of personal history
that I keep around as a pet.

I'm almost 58 now,
and the darn thing
has grown quite long!

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