Max Reif

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Max Reif Poems

121. The Other 8/9/2005
122. Reader To Poet 7/10/2005
123. The Coward 9/25/2005
124. 'No Direction Home', Scorcese's Dylan Documentary 9/27/2005
125. The Country Of My Body 10/7/2005
126. What Is Poetry? 7/15/2005
127. Randall Jarrell 9/21/2007
128. Fathers And Sons (1976) Br(Alternate Title: A Hymn To God The Father) 10/2/2005
129. Hit In The Head By An Alp Horn 2/3/2006
130. On The Bart (Revision) 2/21/2006
131. This Morning 4/29/2006
132. (..............9 Sept) A Hymn To The Earth 9/9/2007
133. (.................14sept5) The Unities 9/14/2007
134. The Difference Between Journalism And Literature 8/30/2006
135. Pig 3/25/2007
136. (.....12aug1) Homage To Eugene O'Neill 8/12/2007
137. Beyond All This 9/10/2007
138. Vacation 12/24/2005
139. The Petition (Revision) 2/21/2006
140. Time's Scythe 5/12/2007
141. .22) When The Dentist Spoke At The Anti-War Rally 7/14/2005
142. Wild Turkeys On The Road Near Home 1/30/2006
143. The History Of Europe, In And Out 2/1/2006
144. Sufi Banjo Tunes (After Hafiz) 11/28/2005
145. Happy Birthday, Nikki 11/11/2005
146. Preface To A Long Poem About Death 7/26/2005
147. What A Way To Die! (Ode To Poemhunter) 8/1/2005
148. Worms Are The Christ Of Small Children 2/3/2006
149. Strange Positionings 10/4/2005
150. Something Beautiful 6/23/2005
151. When Lost Love Drives A Poet's Pen 7/10/2005
152. God And The World 10/15/2005
153. Gratefully Ill 1/8/2006
154. The Fall Of Language 1/5/2006
155. Google Pilgrimage 4/8/2006
156. Yogic Poem: Your Mind's A Radio 7/18/2005
157. My Moment Has Come 3/9/2006
158. Go, Greyhound! 7/6/2006
159. Philosophical Question 8/3/2006
160. Random Foursome 8/24/2006

Comments about Max Reif

  • Gol Mcadam (7/12/2005 4:48:00 AM)

    Max, thank you for commenting on my work. I have now been reading yours and find there is a lovely simplicity of statement in it - an enchanting mix of worldly and unworldly. I came to poetry late in life, that's why I think I'll be finishing early, rather than later! ! Regards, Gol

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  • Michael Shepherd (6/20/2005 5:30:00 AM)

    Max, I enjoy and admire your honesty, simplicity, clarity, and that touch of magic. I hope you keep on writing, and there's a book there eventually...

  • Michael Gessner (6/19/2005 10:13:00 PM)

    If idiom is tone-if it can be-as I suspect it is in many of the poems of yours I've read-then it offers an exotic and impressive mixture of sense and sensibility, wisdom in worldliness, & worldy things, amusing & always vulnerable, enchanting, haunting & dear.

Best Poem of Max Reif

.34) Tone Poem: The Finale, 'Leonard Cohen — I'M Your Man'

He stands at the mic,
craggy faded eagle
in a grey suit, singing the verse
in a voice of smoke

surrounded by stark figures
black like spectres
from his own youth.

As he finishes,
the band picks up the chorus
and he stands there

smiling with his eyes
closed, just listening
and you feel his whole

life in that smile
and your life, too,

as though the silent
voice of the most beautiful
losers has given
birth to the whole world.

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My Moment Has Come

A famous poet
comes to a big hotel,
and I'm there.

As she reads, I'm supremely
confident about showcasing
my talent for her in a little while.

Finally, she indicates us,

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