Max Reif Poems

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.35) After Viewing 100 Photos Of Mideast War

These timeless scenes of war,
of the people leaving their homes,
the columns of soldiers and tanks
and the rubble left by the shells —

The Puppet

The puppet preens upon the stage.
The backdropp is his puppeteer,
whose screen winds into sturdy strings
that hold his mind in their tight grip,

Golden Child

To you, mother, I was
a great man
in his boyhood.

.01) Taxi Memories

The taxi driver ferried passengers
in the clunky station wagon
anywhere they sent him,
bright sun or depth of night—

Ritual Of Cleansing

It's easy on a Sunday morning,
setting out on the freeway to do the shopping
while the air is still cool and the sky a shockingly
harmonious blue and the hammer

In Meditation

The thoughts that come and go
as I sit in meditation,
like a buddha
carved into a cliffside:

.14) A Meditation On Words

Domestic words
are yoked for work.
They will not
tell you secrets.

Early (A Sonnet)

I died in sleep. Back now before the dawn,
Let's see if I can brave the winds of time

Life Is Perfect Sometimes

Glorious long days
hang from the sun until dark,
beauty stacked upon beauty
and all of it for Love.

All These Famous Poets I'Ve Never Heard Of

Someone once consoled me
in a rejection letter from a magazine,
'we're publishing ____ _____ instead.'