Max Reif

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Max Reif Poems

241. His Coffee 8/25/2007
242. Why Read Poems? 4/9/2007
243. .33) Photo: Miss Lindahl's 5th Grade Class, Flynn Park School,1959 8/1/2006
244. The Shadow Box 10/17/2005
245. Two California Parks In Early Spring 2/16/2006
246. The Poem Hunter 12/24/2005
247. .29) The Wall 1/16/2006
248. Meditation And The Power Of The Mind 2/4/2006
249. .17) Hymn To My Days As A Delivery Guy 3/3/2006
250. .36) For Small Sins... 4/7/2006
251. Recent History 12/21/2005
252. .08) Queens Vision,1983 7/20/2005
253. Yes, Death Is A Fact Of Life 4/2/2006
254. Gleanings From The Wise 9/1/2005
255. The Poet Clan 10/31/2005
256. Thanks To The Elders, After Initiation 7/26/2006
257. Ding-Dong, The Ads Are Gone: We Poems Are Thankful! 8/14/2006
258. Capitulation 7/1/2006
259. Listening To Baseball In The Nevada Desert 7/13/2006
260. In The Play Yard 7/14/2005
261. The Temporal Blues 9/26/2006
262. The Blank Page And The Poet's Mission 4/4/2007
263. Poemhunter Virginia Reel 9/9/2007
264. Fishing For Poems 4/3/2007
265. The Poet As Addict (A Sea Chanty From The Seas Of Life) 8/1/2005
266. The Image Of Perfection (Sonnet) 2/8/2006
267. .10) Blue Jeans And Men's Eyes 2/21/2006
268. Greek Drama 7/5/2005
269. Circus Visions 1/2/2006
270. Manifesto To God 4/7/2006
271. .38) Habits 3/27/2006
272. Delmar Loop Revelation 12/7/2005
273. August 17,2005 8/17/2005
274. To Mother 10/9/2005
275. (007june2 07) Forehead Shitzky 6/4/2007
276. (......12aug5) The Poet Defends His Integrity In A Dream 8/12/2007
277. Gettysburg* 8/11/2006
278. Taste Of Freedom 3/31/2007
279. On With The Game 3/19/2007
280. Wikipedia: Totem, And Taboo 10/28/2005

Comments about Max Reif

  • Gol Mcadam (7/12/2005 4:48:00 AM)

    Max, thank you for commenting on my work. I have now been reading yours and find there is a lovely simplicity of statement in it - an enchanting mix of worldly and unworldly. I came to poetry late in life, that's why I think I'll be finishing early, rather than later! ! Regards, Gol

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  • Michael Shepherd (6/20/2005 5:30:00 AM)

    Max, I enjoy and admire your honesty, simplicity, clarity, and that touch of magic. I hope you keep on writing, and there's a book there eventually...

  • Michael Gessner (6/19/2005 10:13:00 PM)

    If idiom is tone-if it can be-as I suspect it is in many of the poems of yours I've read-then it offers an exotic and impressive mixture of sense and sensibility, wisdom in worldliness, & worldy things, amusing & always vulnerable, enchanting, haunting & dear.

Best Poem of Max Reif

.34) Tone Poem: The Finale, 'Leonard Cohen — I'M Your Man'

He stands at the mic,
craggy faded eagle
in a grey suit, singing the verse
in a voice of smoke

surrounded by stark figures
black like spectres
from his own youth.

As he finishes,
the band picks up the chorus
and he stands there

smiling with his eyes
closed, just listening
and you feel his whole

life in that smile
and your life, too,

as though the silent
voice of the most beautiful
losers has given
birth to the whole world.

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The Python

When a new woman enters my life,
the time comes to introduce her
to the python of personal history
that I keep around as a pet.

I'm almost 58 now,
and the darn thing
has grown quite long!

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