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Max Reif Poems

321. To The Tree Outside My Window At The Old Rooming House 5/22/2006
322. (..............11sept3) The Real Revolution 9/11/2007
323. (.........Aug26) The River Of Ordinary Moments 8/26/2007
324. (..02july3) Hotcakes And Flapjacks 7/3/2007
325. Walking Two Successive Blocks Of The Iron Horse Trail 9/19/2007
326. (.................14sept4) Parable 9/14/2007
327. I Refuse To Be 'Maxwell'* 8/11/2005
328. Desire 8/3/2005
329. .26) My Poems Have Their Moods 7/18/2005
330. The Best Things 3/2/2006
331. How? 2/11/2006
332. A Few Rooms 7/5/2005
333. (.....July24) The Partnership 7/23/2007
334. (06new!) Another Poem On The Balcony 5/14/2007
335. (......01july17) Lurching To Be Born 7/17/2007
336. .04) A Galaxy Past Gutenberg 8/12/2005
337. (10new!) Portrait 5/13/2007
338. Lines About My Father 9/14/2005
339. (...............11sept) Ascent 9/11/2007
340. Analogy: President Bush And Iraq 1/11/2006
341. The Rainy Season 12/28/2005
342. At 6: 30 Am, Starbucks 10/12/2005
343. (001june2 07) Poet's Note To Self 6/2/2007
344. (.0001june15 07) Incident At Lambert Field 6/15/2007
345. (..................14sept3) The Flow Of Time 9/14/2007
346. Brooks And Warren's Understanding Poetry* 8/23/2005
347. (......July28) Poetic Husbandry 7/28/2007
348. (.01june9 07) The Adventures Of My Poems 6/9/2007
349. Remembering Dad At The Lawyer's 6/19/2005
350. Friction 12/27/2005
351. (...........22aug) In The Library 8/22/2007
352. (.......02aug) In The Waiting Room 8/2/2007
353. (....02aug) As My Recovery Progresses 8/2/2007
354. (..01july3) Reflections Of A Late Afternoon (Re-Edited) 7/4/2007
355. (02new!) Why We Get Out Of Bed 5/26/2007
356. Nearer My God To Thee 12/18/2006
357. (.0002june15) The Obituary Page 6/16/2007
358. (..................14sept2) Portrait: Two Men 9/14/2007
359. .35) Time: A Meditation 7/21/2006
360. Your Fathers (1985) 10/2/2005

Comments about Max Reif

  • Linda Jenkinson (9/27/2005 9:40:00 PM)

    it is 2005...u are good...please

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  • Gol Mcadam (7/12/2005 4:48:00 AM)

    Max, thank you for commenting on my work. I have now been reading yours and find there is a lovely simplicity of statement in it - an enchanting mix of worldly and unworldly. I came to poetry late in life, that's why I think I'll be finishing early, rather than later! ! Regards, Gol

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  • Michael Shepherd (6/20/2005 5:30:00 AM)

    Max, I enjoy and admire your honesty, simplicity, clarity, and that touch of magic. I hope you keep on writing, and there's a book there eventually...

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  • Michael Gessner (6/19/2005 10:13:00 PM)

    If idiom is tone-if it can be-as I suspect it is in many of the poems of yours I've read-then it offers an exotic and impressive mixture of sense and sensibility, wisdom in worldliness, & worldy things, amusing & always vulnerable, enchanting, haunting & dear.

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Best Poem of Max Reif

(......01july20) In A Minor Key-Letter To Leonard Cohen*

Dear Leonard Cohen,

Strumming and singing
my favorite songs of yours,
all from your first couple albums,

still eases me into
a vantage point
nothing else I know
has ever approached,

a place in my heart
nothing else has reached.

Yes, it is salted with tears,
but the tears
make everything green there
shine with unearthly beauty,
and reveal somehow the holiness
of all the lost souls.

I have no clue
by what alchemy
you are able
to sing sorrow

in a way that brings
such a stillness,
such a sense of ...

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My Moment Has Come

A famous poet
comes to a big hotel,
and I'm there.

As she reads, I'm supremely
confident about showcasing
my talent for her in a little while.

Finally, she indicates us,