Maxwell Ames

Biography of Maxwell Ames

I'm a student in my 4th year of college using writing as a passionate form of therapy. I write how I feel in certain times. These are only pictures of a window into my thoughts. You're not seeing into my head, you're seeing a text-photograph of what was happening in my head, at a moment's glance. Enjoy.

Maxwell Ames's Works:

'If I Had Machinery' Verse and Vision 2011
'Mason Jars' Verse and Vision 2012 Updates

Femme Horlage

Do you think I noticed the duration of six months felt like yesterday,
but that the last month felt like a year, a week ago. Do you think
I noticed warmth and deprevaty coming into me at once, a weekend
that felt like a month's vacation after I left home. I didn't.

I came back today, revitalized as if I never had the need to leave.
I pushed your hands away from me like clouds of feathers with my breath
but felt the joy one can wrap ones' self in like a comforter, evading
you when I ge

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