Maxwell Struthers Burt

(1882-1954 / United States)

Biography of Maxwell Struthers Burt

Maxwell Struthers Burt (October 18, 1882 Baltimore, MD – August 29, 1954, Jackson Hole, Wyoming), was an American novelist, poet, and short-story writer.

Struthers Burt graduated from Princeton University in 1904. In 1908 he moved to Wyoming and founded the JY Ranch with Louis Joy. This ranch ultimately became the famous Rockefeller Ranch of the same name (the JY). In 1912, following a dispute with Louis Joy, he established the Bar BC Bar B C Ranch, a dude ranch. He met and married his wife, Katherine Newlin Burt an author of Western novels, in the same year. Burt's son, Nathaniel Burt, was also a published writer. Struthers was one of the people who led ultimately to the establishment of Grand Teton National Park when, in 1923, he met with other like-minded individuals at Maud Noble's cabin and began the process of gathering support to have the area come under protection by the Federal Government.

His papers are housed at Princeton University Updates

The Land

Be not afraid, O Dead, be not afraid:
We have not lost the dreams that once were flung
Like pennons to the world: we yet are stung
With all the starry prophecies that made
You, in the gray dawn watchful, half afraid
Of vision. Never a night that all men sleep unstirred:
Never a sunset but the west is blurred
With banners marching and a sign displayed.
Be not afraid, O Dead, lest we forget

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