May East

Biography of May East

I've always been interested in romance and poetry. After I write my love poems I usually set them to music (especially chords because of chords can really heighten the emotion of a poem) . Poetry is heightened speech. I have just this year (2006) finished recording a CD with -I think- the best musicians in the world: Jeffery Lewis, David Vasquez, J. Curtis, Michael O'Neill, Aaron Ballesteros, Rudy Villa...We also used cutting edge mixing and mastering. It made the CD an expensive labour of love but it's great to listen to ... real music. Updates

Yours Until Infinity

If you could count up all the nebula
Number all the stars
Order all the grains of sand
On beaches near and far
Weigh the droplets in the sea
You'd come full circle back to me cause I'm
Yours until infinity

If you could figure out the constant