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481. Piano 12/26/2016
482. Defying Gravity 11/24/2011
483. Walk Two Moons 4/4/2014
484. Fall Out Of Love 1/19/2013
485. Home 7/8/2013
486. Because I Never Jump First 8/16/2015
487. Hard To Explain 10/21/2015
488. Bliss 5/13/2017
489. Follow You 12/10/2015
490. Burned 3/22/2014
491. So Many Words 12/15/2013
492. Streetlight 1/7/2016
493. I Am Human 2/4/2014
494. Despite 12/3/2015
Best Poem of Maya Hanson


Despite the wind
carving her face raw,
she bends to the sky

and knows
the moon will rise again
so she can tear herself
from her shadow.

Despite the climb
blocking her path,
she breathes in the cool air

and picks herself
again and

Despite the haunts
behind her shoulders
clutching her throat,

she breaks down and
cries and screams and
keeps living.
Despite the darkness
that follows her

she takes another step,
she knows
there’s a light
in the hallway.

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The Gray Choice

We assume the world is black & white,
But what about blue & yellow?
What about when the fork in the road has 3 spikes
And we assume the world won’t end
Even if we make the gray choice
But what if we make the gray choice,
The one in between?
What happens when you dare to dream,
Dare to make the center choice?

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