Maya Hanson

Maya Hanson Quotes

  • ''Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes it's delicious and sometimes it makes you want to puke.''
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  • ''Active imaginations are rarer than they seem.''
  • ''And this is something I won't forget or regret. Something I will look back on and say, "Hey, there's me doing something stupid, but it came out good."''
  • ''My role model is never seen without a smile on her face. And that is why she is my role model.''

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Keep Your Silver

I don't want to fix you,
I want to find a few of the pieces,
slide them till they shine enough for you to want them
and watch the world sit at your fingertips.

I will lie here too long,
think too much like always
because I love the sound of your smile
and I want to know what sparks it.

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