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  • Afzal Shauq (5/15/2009 6:59:00 AM)

    dear maya..i may send you the e-cpoies of my books via email if you wish...hope we being poetry friend respect each other and never break sharing talented poeple like you..pray for your sound health... if you wish to read more about me and my can just search my name in will get dozens of sites covering my peace willing thoughts and I am known as peace wisher poet... peace in the globe is my dream.... best of luck

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  • Afzal Shauq (5/15/2009 6:45:00 AM)

    sure you are a good poet..and thank you very much for comments and all friendly concerns... I am collecting your comments and will add to my new book and book will be soon in your hand... hope your general view on my poetry will be also sent to me to make my book valueable... pray for your long and happy life dear friend

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  • Afzal Shauq (5/15/2009 6:20:00 AM)

    hey a good poet... your poetry is heart knocking andf soul touching..hope you do litle more deatiled comments on few of my poems..that will go to my new book under your name..or do one note or essay of one apge on my poetry..that will be good... respect you dear friend....

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The Still Coincidence

If I had to describe his temptation,
words alone would withdraw to this creation.
I've never seen his eyes before
and still, a coincidence.
I've never touched his skin as more
as I think, still a coincidence.
I've never kissed his lips or
wondering..... still a coincidence.
Of all my memories beheld to erase,