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Love Never The Dictator

Sheets draped like a toga
I fingered the ancient ruins in your ashtray
Imagined it snowing ashes out our window
Grass coated grey with innocent flesh

The Picnic

I carried quilt and basket through whispering grass

To the patch where no grass grows

Just as sunlight bled over the horizon

The breeze thrust the quilt into a rolling wave

Spring Pantoum

Sunlight bleeds through forest canopy
Slipping between my fingers
The daisies glare at me with sympathy
When crushed their scent still lingers

The Missing Element

What would life be without the silence in the sun
flaring and wakening heat in your oiled skin
Or the moon pulling back the sheets
so that starfish can feel the kiss of your hands

Landscape Of An Aging Woman

You are a world of beautiful.
The landscape that is your body
a wealth of untouched forest
surrendering to miles of sandless beach,

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Maria Vieira 22 March 2012

I am a very new member of poemhunter (not a poet, though!) - my daugher, Lidia C Vieira is the poet... I really liked your poem The lack of inspiration, the chosen Poem of the Day poethunter sent me via e-mail. I will make sure to read your other poems. Have a great day!

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I read your lead in poem...The lack of inspiration...and I was impressed. I liked it very much. I write axioms. I could not say nothing to you, as I was entertained by your thoughts. Thanks for the pleasant feeling you gave to me. You good....Charlie......Charles Anthony Albert saying hello.....

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