Maynard Hartman

Maynard Hartman Poems

1. Better Sit Down 10/4/2003
2. Glue 10/4/2003
3. The Outskirts Of A Time Ravage 10/6/2003
4. Time (The Painter) 10/4/2003
5. Parts Of Me 9/29/2003
6. Dream Some Little Dream 10/4/2003
7. Glitter 10/4/2003
8. A Dreadful Luncheonette 9/29/2003
9. Cyclic And Self Referencing Chant Of I 10/6/2003
10. Gloria's Glorious Glory 10/4/2003
11. Lunar Lunch Break 10/6/2003
12. Monkey Face 10/4/2003
13. A Critical Sense Of Distance 9/29/2003
14. Skeletal Sonnet 9/29/2003
15. Hazy Strange Judy May 9/29/2003
16. Serious Cloud Formations 10/6/2003
17. A Day By The Stream By The Lake 9/29/2003
18. The Vagueness Of Night Travel 10/4/2003
19. Blue Jay Day 9/29/2003
20. Lovey, Oh Lovey 10/6/2003
21. Five Stones (An Inexpensive Death Ritual) 10/4/2003
22. Lush Life (A Devilish Letter) 9/29/2003
23. Latest Model Love Machine 9/29/2003

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Best Poem of Maynard Hartman


she said it was a sticky thing
I laughed, it always is a tricky thing
watching as they pack away
like they’ve been on holiday
alarm clock too
wish I knew just what to say
a troubled mind can’t keep at bay
when all your dreams abandoned here
and actions taunt your deepest fears
hopeless it seems
nothing I can do
to keep her here and clear my head
she kissed me softly then she said
'don’t be blue'
foolish boy I thought you knew
cant keep me here with dabs of glue

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Better Sit Down

First to pull the stars,
from the sky.
Another day…
You found another way,
to bring it all down…
Better sit down.
‘Cause I can see,
your pieces on the ground.
And now I’ve got some news for you;

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