Mazwi Sedibe

Freshman - 718 Points [Da_maiz The Victim] (1985-09-21 / Mpumalanga, South Africa)

Biography of Mazwi Sedibe

I Was born in Marite (Jim Brown) Mpumalanga, rared in Katlehong in Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, Besides God, studying and writing, Loves Deep House Music, Jogging down the streets helps me recollect my thoughts and plan life better, learning about snakes made me overcome my greatest fears, my favorite snake is the Ball or Royal python though I would love to come face to face with the Inland Taipan snake, spiders like the tarantula are nice pets hey, chat a lot with kids and the elderly it's fun try it, I don't like adults and children who don't like to read nor study, politicians will always lie they have lied to our forefathers, so who are we? there's only one God, the limits in the universe are only placed by us, I hate cooking, washing dishes and I only eat to survive, I hate any mechanical work especially oily ones but will work in the garden and with mud(clay, etc.) , aspires to be a businessman an independent accountant to be exact, always helps if his hand is long enough to reach, prays and never meditates, gossip is the food of cowards and fuckwits, love is everything, sadly one day the rhino's maybe extinct and sadly folly will never be, people always look after themselves who are you trying to save everyone, teeth are not only for biting but also to be shown off every time you are around people it makes you approachable, sex is good for life, sex with everyone is bad for life, sex is good to talk about, sex is not a game remember emotions and hearts are always involved, sex can be bought very cheap off the shelf, so do not put too high a price on it, talks a lot and mostly with plants, dogs are for other people to befriend, cats deserve the couch not you lazy potato, sleep 8 hours plus during your twenties and early thirties and be prepared to be employed 8 to 9 hours per day for almost all of your life, respect everyone not age, gender or skin colour, it's not bad to be different because we all need each other, not everything we read in books is true or the truth, every book was written with end goal and a motive in mind, there's always two sides of the story which one will you believe, never argue unless you have listened to all the other points, shut the hell up if there's no point to argue, the nutshell is open minded. Updates

Death Pains

Birth life death
Joy happiness mourning
Unity separation solitude
Ignorance knowledge understanding

Death life then birth
Mourning happiness then joy
Separation solitude then unity
Understanding yields knowledge

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