Mbarka Bouhamra

Rookie (17/07/1996 / Laayoune)

Biography of Mbarka Bouhamra

In five short months I had evolved. I would had gone from 'that girl who was very hopeless' to 'the girl who had magical strength to crash and get any thing she wanted', but for some reason, I miss my old personality, that shy and weak girl I was, at least I wrote with no limit, sadness was really a source of inspiration to me, I was completely confused and I made so many mistakes, I felt regret for every single moment I spent in last year. Thank God because everything has gone, and never comeback. All the words I need to hear to always get through the day and make it alright, nothing i need more. Updates

I Promise

Sweet smiles, talking loud
I just love your sound
I know we meant to be
Baby try to see
Time brings your love to me

Sweet eyes, one look
My heart you took
It's not mine anymore
Baby is all yours
Your love i long for

If we are apart or together
I promise, I love you forever.

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