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McKenzie Mickey Poems

1. A Day At The Beach 6/15/2009
2. Graduation 6/26/2009
3. Breaking Up. 6/29/2009
4. At Night 7/7/2009
5. I Wont 7/13/2009
6. Flowers 7/13/2009
7. The Sun And The Moon. 7/14/2009
8. Because There Is No You 2/9/2010
9. Try 2/17/2010
10. There Is No You 2/17/2010
11. As If Nothing Happened 2/17/2010
12. That's It I'M Done 2/17/2010
13. Forgive. 2/17/2010
14. My World. 2/17/2010
15. His Smile 2/17/2010
16. You Wish/ It Might 2/17/2010
17. Feelings 2/18/2010
18. Fire/Burning 2/18/2010
19. Who Is There To Save Me? 2/18/2010
20. Surrounded By Opaque Glass 2/27/2010
21. Who I Really Am 2/27/2010
22. Please Rescue Me 3/5/2010
23. I'M Always Close By(Song) 3/5/2010
24. The World Keeps Going Round 9/27/2010
25. Singer Of Sorrows 9/27/2010
26. The Truth/I Still Hope. 3/4/2011
27. Mask 3/4/2011
28. I Thought You Knew Me 5/26/2009
29. Dreams 6/10/2009
30. My Hero 5/8/2009

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Best Poem of McKenzie Mickey

My Hero

i cant breath,
suffocating in the ugliness of my world.
Your my air when there is none,
your my hero

All the light has gone out,
I cant see, things are in my way
Your my light when its dark
your my hero

They all left,
everyone gone
Your my friend when there are none
your my hero

No ones listens,
i talk but no one cares
Your my listener when i need to talk
your my hero

Your my hero when I need saving

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I Thought You Knew Me

I Thought you knew me so well,
but when i did something,
you turned away.
When I tried to explain,
You didn't care
Dont say i didnt try
when you know I did.
You just didn't listen,
But if you had
it might have been different

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