McKenzie Spaulding

McKenzie Spaulding Poems

1. Contradiction 4/19/2009
2. Harmony 4/19/2009
3. A Childs Wonder 4/19/2009
4. Waiting To Be Told 4/19/2009
5. Release 4/20/2009
6. Infatuation 5/12/2009
7. Waves 5/12/2009
8. Thanks Grandpa Max 5/12/2009
9. Stranger 5/12/2009
10. Locking Down 5/12/2009
11. The Girl In The Red Shoes 5/12/2009
12. Adonis 5/13/2009
13. Never Ending Ache 5/13/2009
14. An Unborn Miracle 5/13/2009
15. Sweet Baby Girl 5/13/2009
16. A Torn Soul 4/30/2009
17. Books 5/13/2009
18. Oranges 5/12/2009
19. Momma 5/13/2009
20. Sunshine 4/19/2009
21. Nighttime Wonders 4/20/2009
22. Heart Song 4/20/2009
23. Tunnel Vision 4/19/2009
24. The Fantasy Of A Young Girl 4/19/2009

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The Fantasy Of A Young Girl

There he is....the epitome of perfection
Casually leaning against his locker.

Ruffled blonde hair standing up
Flawless in its disarray.

Today is the day
Just a simple 'Hi'
As I discreetly saunter by.

I suck in a deep breath
Searching for relief from the terrible fear
Theatening to upset my stomach.

I absentmindedly smooth my hair
And tug on a loose string on my shirt

While our proximity closed
My breathing sped rapidly

A petite brunette pranced between us
Blocking my way.
Greeting him with an alabaster smile

I ...

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Air expands her lungs
Breathing deeply:
From the diophram.

Feet apart
Shoulders back

The air eases out with perfect control
Over her tounge
Through her teeth.

Carrying with it a beautiful melody
Drifting over the airwaves

A celestial harmony
One designed for angels.

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