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Md. Anisur Rahman is a popular young poet in Bangladesh. He is a symbol of youth. His date of birth on 15 June 1994 in village of Nagerpara in Melandah Upazila in Jamalpur district.The name of his father is Md. Zahir Rayhan and mother’s name is Afruja Begum. After passing S.S.C examination in Melandah Umir Uddin Pilot High School in 2010 he got admitted Habibur Rahman college Mahmudpur. Then after passing H.S.C examination 2012 he was chanced public university (Jahangirnagar University) in Bangladesh. But he couldn’t admit here for financial problems. Because he comes from poor family. He has been writing poems and literature from childhood.He wants to write his poems with Renaissance. He leads simple life. At present he is studying in Political Science in Bangladesh Open University (BOU) . Beside he jobs in United International University(UIU) at Computer Laboratory Attendant. His some poems are published in Shororitu Magazine from kanabok Publishing.

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Benguli Poems:

Shohider Rokto


Jibon Poridhi

Geuo Hote Chai Updates

Time And Creation

Does the time start to run from beginning of the creation?
Does the creation begin to run from starting of time?
Standing in front of a difficult question,
Is there no solution at all?
Sad to think that the controversial in far-reaching ideas,
Suddenly, thinking of the best solution to enchant the eyes are exposed by Al-Quran.
I asked him 'what were you doing before when you were in the womb?
Why can't you say? because then the time did not start to run.'
No words came out from h

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