Md. Anisur Rahman

Md. Anisur Rahman Quotes

  • ''I want to be free from that society where every talent is valueless.''
    We should try to understand to everyone.Because everybody can to remain extra ordinary talent.
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  • ''This is not means of freedom that you do what you want''
  • ''Love is an expression of joy and pain.''
  • ''Love comes from heaven.Because god stay in here and everywhere.''
  • ''Man becomes
    totally change
    when danger
    in comes.''
  • ''Not only light is a light but also dark is a light.Because most of animals get to see clear in the dark.''
    Dark is a light.
  • ''Mind is changing, body is rotting.Mind is automatically transformed itself, body is affected by the mind of life.''
    Mind And Body
  • ''Every object in the universe is disciplined, space is unlimited, Well-organized and well-planned everything.''
  • ''It's truth that humanity is the greatest at all.''
  • ''There are billion or more blessing of God in the great universe.''
    Blessing of God

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Best Poem of Md. Anisur Rahman

Mother's Womb

Mother is heaven, but heaven is not mother,
Because mother is greater than heaven.
First time, mother's womb was heaven of her child,
Because no food is taken directly by it but he is alive.
Mother takes food, but nutrition was taken by her child,
When he stayed his mother's womb with sleeping,
Because it is most kindness of Allah's blessing.
Mother is heaven, but heaven is not mother,
Because heaven stays underfoot of mother.
So mother is the greatest blessing of God.

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Time And Creation

Does the time start to run from beginning of the creation?
Does the creation begin to run from starting of time?
Standing in front of a difficult question,
Is there no solution at all?
Sad to think that the controversial in far-reaching ideas,
Suddenly, thinking of the best solution to enchant the eyes are exposed by Al-Quran.
I asked him 'what were you doing before when you were in the womb?
Why can't you say? because then the time did not start to run.'
No words came out from h

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