Md. Anisur Rahman

Md. Anisur Rahman Quotes

  • ''I want to search a wonderful mind.Where is it?''
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  • ''Hello, Youngster,
    Awake up, you awake up,
    Protect the freedom of country.
    Participate with fluidity,
    Resist against enormity,
    Awake up, you awake up,
    It's confidence of yours.''
    Awake up.
  • ''Does the time start to run from beginning of the creation?
    Does the creation begin to run from starting of time?''
    Time And Creation.
  • ''I remember the story of past days such as:
    The true freedom like birds, golden paddy, the green grass,
    And the dewdrop on the grass in the field,
    All this brings to heart to make a poem
    With freshness and lively touches,
    It's the newly-signaling and inspiration to write poetry''
  • ''God can do everything without human.But human can't do anything without god.''
    God is Almighty
  • ''The eyes of dearling will unclear, bread and butter, wine will end but will remain only books.-Umor khoyum''
    knowledge of books
  • ''I can't come out from trapping life due to situation.''
  • ''Simple is not a simple
    When you can't do anything.
    Difficult is not a difficult
    When you can do everything.
    Everybody knows the matter.
    But few are feeling this.
    They can't do
    For unsuitable condition.
    Sometimes simple work is faced with difficulty''
    Simple is not a simple
  • ''He/She is a real human being who find out his/her fault nothing other faults.''
    Real human
  • ''It's not real teaching which brings destruction.''
    Real Teaching

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Best Poem of Md. Anisur Rahman

Mother's Womb

Mother is heaven, but heaven is not mother,
Because mother is greater than heaven.
First time, mother's womb was heaven of her child,
Because no food is taken directly by it but he is alive.
Mother takes food, but nutrition was taken by her child,
When he stayed his mother's womb with sleeping,
Because it is most kindness of Allah's blessing.
Mother is heaven, but heaven is not mother,
Because heaven stays underfoot of mother.
So mother is the greatest blessing of God.

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My Love

I love you
My love has comes from heaven,
I love you
My love is one of the most lucky of seven.
I love you
My love likes your smiling face,
I love you
My love is real love of base.
I love you

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