Md. Asadullah

Silver Star - 4,369 Points (11th july)

Md. Asadullah Poems

201. Storm 10/23/2014
202. Favour Of God 12/14/2014
203. Perceptions 10/27/2014
204. Delhi Zoo Tragedy 9/28/2014
205. I Am Gaza, 'Mother Of All Prisons' 7/20/2014
206. If......., Then 1/1/2014
207. Wake Up! 9/21/2014
208. Yesterday On Bus 10/25/2014
209. Strings Of Hope 12/14/2014
210. Darwin's Theory(Science Or Fairy-Tale) 5/5/2014
211. Drum Of Freedom 9/8/2014
Best Poem of Md. Asadullah

Drum Of Freedom

Freedom, freedom they shout,
freedom, freedom they say.___
Obsessed with freedom!
Freedom, freedom night and day.___

They have erected and they
show large statues of freedom.___
Freedom, freedom they sing like
hymns and ever beat the drum.___

Bombings, theft and dacoity
disguised in the name of freedom.___
Killings, torture, rape all are fine,
just shout freedom, freedom.___

But are they themselves free?
handful rule them with a glee.___
People of money and media and
walls of prejudice and lies I see.___

Few have taken ...

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Terrorism Condemned

These wicked ones,
disguised in color green.
Commit atrocities horrible
, unheard, unseen.
Use symbols of noble cause
to serve their ulterior ends.
Tarnish the image of
religion difficult to mend.
They kill innocent souls

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