Md. Ziaul Haque

Gold Star - 29,565 Points [King of Words] (04-01-1983 / Sylhet, Bangladesh)

Md. Ziaul Haque Poems

1. ‘শব্দরাজ' [King of Words] আমার ছদ্মনাম 10/2/2014
2. Love Means… 10/3/2014
3. ভালোবাসা [Bangla Song] 10/3/2014
4. তুমি কি আজও স্বপ্ন দেখ আমায় ভেবে? 10/3/2014
5. You And Your Blue Sari 10/3/2014
6. তুমি ছাড়া [Bangla Song] 10/3/2014
7. The Roads 10/4/2014
8. Success: The Dream Of ‘heaven' On Earth 10/4/2014
9. তুমি কি খুব রাগ করবে? 10/4/2014
10. হরতাল 10/4/2014
11. খুঁজে পাই তোমায়... 10/4/2014
12. খামে ভরা জোনাকি পোকা দিলাম তোমায় 10/4/2014
13. তোমার জন্য [Bangla Song] 10/4/2014
14. The Moon Had To Part At Last 10/5/2014
15. Going Home 10/5/2014
16. Poetenry 10/5/2014
17. বলনা ভালোবাসি 10/5/2014
18. হায়রে মানুষ! [Bangla Song] 10/5/2014
19. A Garden By The Sea 10/5/2014
20. The Beautiful Prostitute 10/5/2014
21. Sleepless Without You 10/6/2014
22. Green 10/3/2014
23. বৃষ্টি এবং তুমি 10/6/2014
24. কিছু দুঃখ দাও মোরে 10/6/2014
25. আমার বাংলাদেশ [Bangla Song] 10/6/2014
26. আশা [Bangla Song] 10/6/2014
27. এই মেঘলা দিনে [Bangla Song] 10/6/2014
28. Global Warming 10/6/2014
29. I Can See You Walking In Slow Motion 10/6/2014
30. Dust 10/6/2014
31. The Dancing Light 10/6/2014
32. Come Back To Love 10/6/2014
33. I Love You More Than You Can Ever Imagine 10/6/2014
34. Witness The Rise Of A Star 10/6/2014
35. My Love For You Is Sufiyana 10/9/2014
36. Ctrl + Z 10/9/2014
37. I Am Still Alive! 10/9/2014
38. Under The Fallen Leaves 10/9/2014
39. Imagine… 10/9/2014
40. The Widow 10/9/2014

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    beautiful pen name he has " SHOBDORAJ" " KING OF DICTION"
    yeah, one of the good poets of this literary site.


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Best Poem of Md. Ziaul Haque

Your Love Is My Means To Live

As a drowning man catches at a straw,
Your love for me though,
Is my ultimate means to breathe, to live,
A force like the west wind that makes me strive.

A person may stay alive with no water,
No food whatsoever,
For a few days or so,
But I can’t survive without seeing you.

If you ever stop loving me,
My soul shall depart for eternity.

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Fragrance Of Love

Can you smell the fragrance of love in the air?
It like the presence of Aphrodite and Eros is just there,
Escape from it is not achievable,
Since it will bathe you with the smell.

Love is life, the unseen spirit,
That like Salim and Anarkali everyone tries to meet,
Fortunate they are who have the bliss,
Of love in their hearts as a niche.

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