Meagie Thorne

Rookie (Aug 30,1995)

Biography of Meagie Thorne

I'm in jr.high almost high school. i hate my life! ! it is soo complicated! ! The only thing i find helps me is when i write poems. I'm pretty good at it, and i have been writing poetry all my life.

My favorite book is the 'House of Night Series.' it is the best book you will ever read! ! ! ! i also like the 'Protector of the Small' series. it's all about helping and how girls are just as good as guys.

I'm not very old, and I'm always bubbly and having a 'Blonde day' but i read level 12 books and I'm always there for my friends. i hope you like my poems just about as much as i had writing them.

Love forever, Meagie.

Meagie Thorne's Works:

Nope, none. im only in grd 9 for crying out loud! ! Updates

Where Is Love?

Love comes
Love go's
Loves in our hearts
broken or whole

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