Medea Kali

Medea Kali Poems

1. Hate Undone 3/18/2007
2. Thoughts Of Black 3/19/2007
3. Reshaping Reality 6/12/2007
4. Ode On A Summer Night 6/18/2007
5. Poor Imitation Of Lord Byron's Fayre Thee Well 7/29/2007
6. Thoughts At 4: 45 2/5/2008
7. Neda 6/28/2009
8. The Lover 7/30/2009
9. The Idiot 7/30/2009
10. The Aristocrat 7/30/2009
11. Prison 8/16/2009
12. Love 4/26/2010
13. I Have Loved 6/16/2010
14. On The Death Of Mohammed 10/16/2007
15. Memories To Sell 6/11/2007
16. Virtues Of Alcohol 8/26/2007
17. Raindrops 8/29/2007
18. White 1/7/2008
19. Question 7/15/2008
20. August 14 8/14/2007
21. My Pillar 5/5/2009
22. Gaza 12/28/2008
Best Poem of Medea Kali


Tell Gaza I love her
Though I cannot be with her
And my tears fall; shameful streams,
As I watch shadows engulf her beauty
Darkness hides her light
Her mothers weep and her children die

God in heaven, I cried! I said you are not there
To guard my love from the viciousness
Of those who dwell in her heart
And those filled with envy from us…
They covet our love for her
Why do they want to be with her?

I long for the touch, the smell of Gaza
I feel it, I breathe it
And I sing her songs of love and imagine myself in her
And they want ...

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Hate Undone

I wish the plane you're going to board crashes
And you and what I have of you turns to debris and ashes
As you fly across oceans and lands
On your way to that distant land with foggy beaches, skinny-legged tramps

I pray that your plane crashes into that sea of black.
As your soul escapes your body and blood stops flowing to your heart
As you float just like the sea's foam
My vengeance would be settled and my anger would be quenched

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