Medusa Waves

Freshman - 509 Points (September 14)

Medusa Waves Poems

201. Acrostic Poem: Soledad 12/1/2013
202. Trespassing 6/13/2014
Best Poem of Medusa Waves


May my existence[my entity] trespass your thighs?
Trespass into your being, such an untouchable force from the outside world- honor me with your inviting thighs.
Allow the touch of my energy and feel the force of the world's gravity upon my fingertips on such tender premises.
Your softness invites my shaking hands.
Shaking. Afraid; will you break me down again?

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Love For That Woman

It is often times i see that woman there-standing with that grace and beauty
She carries two other ladies with her and two pair of long walkings
and her smile that causes my breathe to come too short and her roundness where its nessessity
her long a holdings that hold other men- I envy those men who get to feel her and her other ladies

but now i see that this lady has all men a looking always for her and I, still here- just admiring her
when she walks by I blush and red i go- like a firet

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