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As the saying goes...Imagination is more important than knowledge.“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”Poetry is a language charged with meaning. I have written over 100 poems covering different topics and some of my poems have been published in different poetry books. Last year my e-book was published by the name of Endless Love on Lulu.
All my Poems are original works and ideas and are subject to copyright Meena Mustafa 2009 copying of any of my work will be pursued under the relevant legal clauses of laws against plagiarism and all copyright laws…national and international. I thank all who have taken the time to read my poems. Happy reading :)

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Endless Love Updates

My Love By Meena Mustafa

Mumma and daddy, now that you are gone
I sit here weeping till it's dawn
I cry each night and wake up in a fright
All I see you is dressed is white
My heart sinks when I recall
That you do not exist at all
You have gone so far away
Leaving me behind to this day
In my dreams I often see

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