Meena Mustafa

Meena Mustafa Poems

41. Buried In My Chest 9/22/2014
42. Let's Embrace A Hug 2/5/2015
43. Merey Dua (A Poem Written In Urdu) 6/29/2012
44. Saahil Kay Kinare...(A Poem Written In Urdu) 6/29/2012
45. Land Of Dreams 6/25/2012
46. Beautiful Brown Eyes By Meena Mustafa 6/24/2012
47. Joy Of A Baby 6/28/2012
48. Life Of A Flight Stewardess 6/29/2012
49. 'Inferno' 6/30/2012
50. Stagflation 7/5/2012
51. A Gypsy (Fortune Teller) By Meena Mustafa 6/22/2012
52. Don'T Play With Me 6/29/2012
53. My Heart Skipped A Beat... 6/29/2012
54. By The Sea 6/25/2012
55. Beauty And The Beast By Meena Mustafa 6/22/2012
56. Vagabond By Meena Mustafa 6/22/2012
57. My Hope Diamond 6/24/2012
58. A Word Of Trust 7/5/2012
59. Passion And Lust 7/5/2012
60. My Sweet Mom Written By My Son Danial Mustafa Who At The Time Was 9 Years Old. 7/5/2012
61. Dance 7/30/2012
62. The Teaser 8/9/2012
63. The Birth Of Holy Quran 8/15/2012
64. Bharoosa 5/22/2014
65. A Man Travels To Discover Himself... 2/25/2014
66. Music 6/28/2012
67. Plenty Of Fish 6/28/2012
68. An Artist 6/25/2012
69. Endless Love By Meena Mustafa 6/22/2012
70. Silence 8/17/2012
71. Misogamy 6/29/2012
72. Under The Moonlight We'Ll Dance And Sing 7/31/2012
73. A Broken Heart... 5/20/2014
74. Nature's Call 2/3/2015
75. Validation…a Voice From The Past… 2/6/2015
76. If I Could Travel Back In Time 6/25/2012
77. On The Wings Of Love 6/29/2012
78. Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus 6/30/2012
79. The Harsh Reality 3/7/2013
80. Killer Whales 6/27/2012
Best Poem of Meena Mustafa

It's All About You

Let me name this feeling, it's all about you
My lonely world is lit up I can see it through
I just keep thinking and wish upon a star
For a message in a bottle to come from far
Someday I know, our winding paths will meet
Every tearful moment that we have revealed
Now I dream of a rainbow, bright in the sky
Stay with me forever...I've nothing to lie
We'll sail the seas together and stars that shine up high
Ardent breeze of harmony and your touch brushing me by
Whisper, the speech of tireless lips into my ears will flow
Your caresses and kisses will gently make ...

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Red Roses

Red, red roses I remember you
The smell you have is not so new
I thought I'd keep it forever with me
But you shed your petals that none could see
You left me just like a thorn on a stem
But I have the memories of you my friend.

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