Meg Vigh

Rookie (November 1991 / Queensland, Australia)

Biography of Meg Vigh

I moved around a bit when I was little, but since returning to Queensland when I was five, I am happy to say that I have lived in the same house for almost 13 years.

13 years of my life has been spent in a small town about 30 minutes out of Brisbane. I know a lot of people and most of my family live in the same town. I am an only child, which is where the loneliness can sometimes creep up on me. But like I said, most of my family live in the same town, so that sometimes helps.

I find that I can only really write poems after I've had a fight with someone, I guess it helps me express myself and how I'm feeling about that particular fight or person.

I'm not the best at happy poems, I'm more intune with the emotion of sadness or hurt (kinda emo I know lol) but that's just me. I write more about the pain a person can, not physical pain, more or so the internal pain; losing a friend or family due to a fall out or death, relationships that go sour, regretting the actions you have carried out etc.

So yeah, that's just a bit about me, not too much,1. because it's the net and 2. because most people are here to read poems, not life stories. Updates

I Never Thought

I never thought
It would take so long
To not feel you in my heart

I never thought
It would take so long
To put you in the past

I never thought

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