Megan Anderton

Biography of Megan Anderton

My name is Megan. I am a very spiritual, nature poet I'm only 21. I write my own work, I don't really read poetry, unless its recommended to me.
I was born with a Bi lateral Cliff pallet.My birth defect has really helped me see what the world really is and its helped me become the poet i am today. it also didn't stop me from accomplishing my goals in life. i have been writing poems since i was eight. i hope you enjoy my poems, like my Boyfriend family and friends do. I'm also a very quiet person, and i like to write alone when i can.
i love to write about everything. Updates

Mom Whos Gone To Heaven

By Megan Anderton

Seeing you in peace again, brings smiley warm tears too my eyes…
Missing you, and knowing that your not really gone brings warmth within me,
Thinking about you all times of the day is all I need too do…
Too keep you with me….

You treat me as one of your own, rather than just your sons girlfriend….
Thank you for the friendship you’ve shown me…

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