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The Teacher

I’ll get over my boredom soon. The teacher drones,
Always boring.
She keeps talking,
But I’m not listening.
I already know –
You don’t have to remind me,
I’m not six anymore.
Stop acting like I am.
Does it really matter?
There are better uses for my time
Besides sitting here
Listening to you speak.
None of it makes sense.
What does it mean?
Do I belong here?
I’m better than this.
I’m not six anymore.
She keeps talking
I’m going to walk soon.
My friends are texting me.
I’d rather fail than listen to this.
It’s just so ...

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Yellow Rose

Pretty little flower sitting on a hill,
Shining down the slopes
With beauty beyond it's days.
Bird cry out with shrill
Overtones of destiny and hopes,
But none of it stays.

Charming yet slight with verity
And a calming tone of grace.