Megan (Emo) white

Rookie (1993 / california)

Biography of Megan (Emo) white

im Megan no one important im emo and im a deep person i HATE my life and dont have much to live for i dont even see why i live i have a crappy dad that doesnt excpt me he acts like he doesnt care my family thinks im a freak cuz im emo and i dont have many friends i do write alot a poems. and listen to blink 182, simple plan, mcr, yello card, taking back sunday and sublime so this is my life Updates

I Love You

And it was a beautiful day
when i finally got to see your face
when we kissed i felt everything
every single butterfly
and i swore i could fly
Just know you really are an
amazing person, and im super
happy to have you in my life.
I cant think of know other

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