Megan Kinkel

Rookie (July 17 1992)

Biography of Megan Kinkel

Megan Kinkel has been writing for many years since elementary school. She loves writing poetry and finds much solace and enjoyment in it.
Megan first began being interested in poetry around the sixth grade. Now only two years later, she cannot stop writing and writing and writing...
Through much encouragement and inspiration from her friends, whom she loves beyond words, Megan has managed to write quite a lot and still find time for everything else.
She lives in the ever growing city of Gilroy and wishes all her fellow 'small towners' to continue to do great things. Updates

The Fire

The fire it burns,
So bright and hot.
I want to hold it,
I'd better not.

It feels so warm,
And glows with brilliance,
Filled with beauty,
But not with radiance.