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Megan Loney Poems

1. So Far Away 1/29/2008
2. Pushed Away 1/30/2008
3. No Longer Stand 2/14/2008
4. Untitled 10/14/2008
5. Perfection 10/14/2008
6. Commiting A Crime 10/20/2008
7. Life Of Lies 10/20/2008
8. Sorrows 11/12/2008
9. New Feelings 11/12/2008
10. Don'T Wanna Be Her 12/19/2008
11. Reasons Why 3/16/2009
12. What Would I Give? 3/16/2009
13. Nobody Knows 8/11/2009
14. Pained Again 11/19/2009
15. Dumb Cherub 11/19/2009
16. Drowning 1/13/2011
17. Behind The Red Line 5/17/2007
18. Freedom 5/7/2007
19. Singing Spring Time 5/17/2007
20. Doubtful Hope 10/20/2008
21. Life And Death Of A Crush 2/17/2009

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Best Poem of Megan Loney

Life And Death Of A Crush

Eyes seek out until he's sighted.
There I sit, love unrequited.

With a painfilled heart, I let out a sigh.
This knife called hate will cause me to die.

Tearfilled eyes begin to flow.
It's hard to let your feelings show.

Misktakes were made, feelings revealed.
Should've known better and left them concealed.

Now times almost over, it's almost the end.
I'm sorry that you broke my heart and I hope you're sorry it won't mend.

But it's alright, from my life you'll soon be gone.
I'll find someone to love me and help me move on.

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No Longer Stand

He doesn't see me
To him I'm not even there
I still have feelings for him
But he doesn't care

My heart still flutters
When I look into his eyes
It still can't make up for
the many times I've cried

I can't stand to be around you
my heart floods with tears
But I'm always surrounded
With my never ending fears

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