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41. Use 4/20/2010
42. Watch And Learn 9/6/2011
43. What Have You Done? 4/27/2010
44. What I Hope 1/1/2009
45. Who Is She? 9/25/2011
46. Yesterday Was Here 4/8/2009
47. You Have To Mean It 2/24/2009
48. You Were Everywhere To Me 5/24/2010
Best Poem of Megan Reily

What I Hope

I hope you're happy
I hope you're proud
I hope you know how I felt
When you said 'Three's a crowd'

I don't hope you suffer
I don't hope you die
But I hope you know it's your fault
I can no longer fly

I hope you can feel
I hope you can see
I hope you get abandoned
Like you did to me

I hope you know you succeeded
I hope you know you won
I hope you know you broke me
I still can't see the sun

I will leave it at that
Even though there is more
Like all the pain
I have yet to thank you for

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Emotions Run

Love breaks you
Anger says 'No'
Envy is gross too
And fright makes you go

Courage will die
Sadness is sappy
Hope doesn’t fly
Might as well be happy

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