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I am not a poet..I will never be.
I play the guitar, piano, keyboard, harmonica and other musical instruments.My mother and my maternal grandma were my first music teachers.
I love to swim and dive.Our ancestral home is near the sea.Music is my first love.Writing is only my past time.
Meggie Gultiano is my maiden name.

I have worked as a Community Organization worker for fifteen years when I was still single, and presently helping an outreach every week. I teach choir in a local university, and piano during week ends.
Some of my works (just simple) are featured in some of the websites for photo journalist.
One of my poem, a six liner was set into music, in a musical presentation in Minnesota arranged by an international composer, Stephen Paulus.The CD and musical sheet were released last July,2008.

I want to thank Sir Ben Gieski, Karin Anderson, Sandra Fowler, Ernestine Northover and Alison Cassidy.
They are always there for me in my poetry journey, helping me whenever i needed them.I love you, guys.

Thank you so much for leaving your beautiful heart print in my simple scribble.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others too.

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I Hunger For More Of You

I love you so much
yet i cannot see you
I wanted to embrace and hug you
but it's hard for me to do

I hunger for your kisses and touch the softness of your face
But i am here
wrapped up in yet another day
another busy day