Rookie (Sept 6,1990)

Meghan Poems

41. Once When I Was A Child... 11/15/2007
42. One At A Time... 3/28/2009
43. Pagan Ritual 3/28/2009
44. Inner Revolution 3/28/2009
45. Urban Sickness 3/28/2009
46. We Drink Bottled Water Cause We Think It's Good For Us... 3/28/2009
47. Reality Has Clipped My Wings 3/28/2009
48. Mushrooms 3/28/2009
49. Brainstorming 12/22/2006
50. Nature Refuge 12/22/2006
51. Slurred... 11/15/2007
52. Meditation...As I Lay Clutching You: 11/15/2007
53. Los Angeles 3/28/2009
54. Shrapnel 3/28/2009
55. My Inner Process Is Unfortunately Fluid... 3/28/2009
56. You Ask Me... 3/28/2009
57. Life Is But A Sinking Feeling... 3/28/2009
58. Immortality (Bring Unto Me, Thanatos) 6/22/2006
59. Guarded Religion 12/22/2006
60. Rememberance Of The Lizard King 12/22/2006
61. Character Of The Reptile 12/22/2006
62. Vermillion 3/10/2007
63. Insomnia 3/10/2007
64. Heavenly Conspiracies 3/10/2007
65. Insomnia Ii 4/7/2007
66. I Devoured The Food For Thought... 4/7/2007
67. Voyage Of The Traveler 3/28/2009
68. I Roamed The Gravel Road... 11/15/2007
69. Pathetic (My Heart Is The Heart...) 11/15/2007
70. The Birth Of Nyx And Erebus (Nightfall...) 12/22/2006
71. The Sun (In Awe Of Helios' Wrath) 12/22/2006
72. Erosion 6/22/2006
73. The Sun Ii 12/22/2006
74. Beautiful 12/22/2006
75. Death 6/22/2006
76. Another Tomorrow 3/13/2007
77. Silence 12/22/2006
78. Silence Ii 12/22/2006
79. A Sober Moment, If You Please 3/28/2009
80. Deteriorating... 11/15/2007

Comments about Meghan

  • Jerry Hughes (9/10/2007 3:09:00 AM)

    ....extraordinary writing from one so young

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  • Kyle Shield Laster (6/12/2006 5:59:00 PM)

    u are a really great poet and u kinda write the way i do...i admire u for writing about being talked about, but i'm sure those names are false...anyway...i love your poetry and i wish u all the best...keep at love

Best Poem of Meghan


generosity from your body has been drained
the honey sucked from a flower after an early morning rain
hath been replaced by a vile and putrid juice
when I look at you, I see a depserate life pleading for truce
thoughts now in days, don't come from your own mind
only to be found in metamorphic crystal and leaf combined
precious integrity and sweet honesty locked away and confined
when I look into your eyes, I see a rotting brain and a million flies
you're touching on the abyss, flirting with that line
down some black hole, into a void it winds
find the will to ...

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a willow weeps in the glowing dawn
a baby moose and a placid fawn
have all slipped away into yesterday's gone
the sun once shone on dewey flowers
sparkling away in such pleasant hours
like dust in the wind
it's all lost again
but never will a creature forget
that when the sun sets

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