Rookie (Sept 6,1990)

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generosity from your body has been drained
the honey sucked from a flower after an early morning rain
hath been replaced by a vile and putrid juice
when I look at you, I see a depserate life pleading for truce
thoughts now in days, don't come from your own mind
only to be found in metamorphic crystal and leaf combined
precious integrity and sweet honesty locked away and confined
when I look into your eyes, I see a rotting brain and a million flies
you're touching on the abyss, flirting with that line
down some black hole, into a void it winds
find the will to ...

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Found The Way

I wanna tell you about how I found the way

I see the dark and the light, I see the night and the day
I wanna show you how I saw between the madness and the calm
I've seen the hurricane and the eye of the storm
It's between everything that I'm hopelessly torn

I wanna tell you about it man
I found it, I've seen it, held it in my hand

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