Mehdi Ganjavi

Biography of Mehdi Ganjavi

Mehdi Ganjavi is a published author, editor and essayist. His most recent literary project, incubus, became an exemplary of deploying social medias in order to develop the marginal genres of literature and imagination.
His criticisms, translations, and essays have been published in numerous journals such as Cine-Eye, Radio-Zamaneh, Hengam, Tajrobeh, Mehrnameh, and Naamomken.

Mehdi Ganjavi's Works:

Strangers Living Inside Me (20015)
Unimportant Feelings (2011)
And Etc. (2009) Updates

Snow, Bijan Elahi

Snow, By Bijan Elahi
Trans. Mehdi Ganjavi
She could only
Be embraced
She knew, then,
She would fall like an avalanche.
Yet she wanted

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