Mehraneh Hosseini

Biography of Mehraneh Hosseini

I am NOT a poet.'Star', 'Mother to be' and 'RUN&RUN&RUN' are my own poems if we call them poems?
Other poems are breathtaking poems from my country's talented poets, I translate some of them and some of these translations are not mine, so do not consider me as their poet, I only try to show how high culture and background my country has.
If you wanna read one of my poems, I'm intrested to know your opinions about'STAR'


** Run & Run & Run **

Since the time I had begun,
My life was always dun.
It was somewhat spartan.
No one said, you are a little son
The one who needs more fun.
Then, when my father gone,
I didn't even see the sun.
I only had my wine tun.
I had to worked for a piece of bun.

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