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Write about anything that comes to mind.. love it or hate it.. started writing in the 4th grade but i only started 2 compile my works during my senior year.. these poems were written from 2006 to now..)

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Genese Lozada 02 October 2009

your poem simply speaks what your heart wants to say

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Makayla Straight 01 May 2009

wow you express your thoughts and thats great

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djean Whitney 20 April 2009

Mel, your a great poet and you probly alrey know it but, I just had to say that you leve great comments and I love all your poems so far, theres a lot of them an I haven'nt even got half way through half of them but, I am looking forwerd to reading more. Thanks for your comment and don't stop writeing because Im not going to stop reading! :)

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Thanks for the comment.

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo Popularity

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